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Olympus #3

Posted: Monday, July 20, 2009
By: Andre Lamar

Nathan Edmondson
Christian Ward
Image Comics
In this issue of Olympus, Nathan Edmondson delivers a clear and concise script in which the Gemini Brothers must protect Demeterís daughters, Summer and Winter, from Pelops. Edmondsonís lack of sophisticated dialogue prevents the reader from becoming confused by the plot.

Christian Wardís visuals generate an aesthetic of offbeat, and seemingly collaged designs that add flavor to Edmondsonís straight-laced writing. The graphics convey a sense of clarity fleshed out through a pallet of pastel colors that provide an electric experience.

Additionally, Ward features a technique in which his characters are shown as chalk outlines and appear shaded in one color from head to toe. Initially this approach made a poor impression on me until I came to realize that this method isnít simple to reproduce. Contrary to my first impression, I discovered this technique was not the result of Ward being a lazy artist.

Upon giving his art a second chance, it was made clear to me the images are layered in multiple colors, with slight shading in the charactersí clothing to distinguish the light source.

Despite impressive visuals, this book is not without flaws. Edmondsonís direct storytelling is effective, but Iíd like to see the author introduce poetic dialogue. Hellenic epics, such as The Odyssey, are known for elegant speech such--as are the writings of Hellenic philosophers like Plato and Aristotle. The right balance of graceful language and to-the-point scripts will add authenticity to the series.

On the whole, Olympus #3 is a decent experience.

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