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Tiny Titans #17

Posted: Monday, June 22, 2009
By: Andre Lamar

Art Baltazar & Franco
Art Baltazar
DC Comics
“Blowing Out the Candles”

The Titans throw Robin a birthday party, find a book of spells, and fight a cow in this fun filled issue.

Alfred and the Titans celebrate Dick Grayson’s seventh birthday with cake and a ton of gifts. Despite feeling overwhelmed by the number of presents he receives, the picky sidekick will decide which gifts most appease him.

Art Baltazar and Franco continue to prove their well of inspiration is flooded with wit and cleverness in Tiny Titans #17. Although the description of issue #17 details a story about Robin’s birthday party, Baltazar and Franco divide this issue into three short stories. The stories include a short with Raven finding a book of spells, Beast Boy retrieving Batman’s cowl from a cow, and Robin's birthday.

Each short story will provoke laughter from the reader, as the some of the comedy appears from left field, forcing fans to elevate their levels of respect for the writers. For instance Raven randomly summons Mr. Mxyzptlk, with a spell, in the first story. After Mxy’s arrival the tiny crew refuse to acknowledge the villain as a threat, and snatch his hat from him. My favorite line in this story comes from Starfire, once Mxy refutes being an imp instead of a leprechaun. Confusing the words “imp” and “pimp” Starfire remarks to Mxy saying “Imp? Im not sure we should be saying that?” As well the other stories in this book share humorous moments, especially in Robin’s short.

Art Baltazar’s artwork in #17 remains consistent with his chibi style heroes utilized in previous issues. Baltazar sells humor in each panel through his ability to lend every character an exaggerated facial expression. His expressions set the mood on every page complimenting Franco’s silly dialogue. For example page nine features Raven with a smirk on her face, and beady eyes, while wearing Mxy’s hat. Without having to read any dialogue, the reader can instantly look at the panel and comprehend Raven has gotten the best of the imp.

Unfortunately, the writers' choice to split this issue into three separate shorts allows this comic to lack cohesiveness. It would’ve been great if the writers tied each short story together, concluding with Robin’s birthday bash. By linking the stories with one another the reader would perceive a greater sense of adventure, appreciating the drama that our tiny heroes encounter on a daily basis.

At the end of the day Tiny Titans #17 is a brilliantly comical issue. Although there isn’t a main plot, fans may enjoy this issue as one of the funniest.

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