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Caped #3

Posted: Friday, June 19, 2009
By: Andre Lamar

Josh Lobis & Darin Moiselle
Sebastin Piriz
BOOM! Studios
“Pushed to the Edge”

The death count in Capitol City is rising and Edge, along with his trusty assistant Jimmy, has a hunch who’s behind the crimes.

It’s the League's Christmas party and Jimmy Lohman arrives at the apartment of fellow League assistant Marvin to discover he’s been murdered. More bad news mounts in Capitol City as Edge receives word that he’s being fired from the police force. Nonetheless Edge and Jimmy are making it their business to track down the evildoer.

The elements of storytelling in this issue remain true to its gritty and comical tone featured in past issues. Josh Lobis and Darin Moiselle include more superhero gags in this latest comic, along with suspenseful twists and turns (I will elaborate on this later).

One of my favorite gags in this story includes Edge and Jimmy on a stakeout. In the backseat of the Edge Mobile, Jimmy is holding a tray of food with a cappuccino and a bear claw for Edge. Jimmy apologizes to Edge for buying him a bear claw since fritters were sold out. While holding a pair of binoculars Edge responds with, “Damn. I really wanted a fritter.” The next page features a wide shot with Edge standing on a rooftop, with one foot on the balcony, in a very Batman-esque pose. To distinguish their character from Gotham’s hero, Lobis and Moiselle cleverly place the cup of cappuccino under Edge’s leg.

As mentioned earlier, there are countless twists in this issue. At the end of Caped #2 the superhero Flex was spotted killing Irv Gemini. Although this issue doesn’t explain Flex’s motivation behind the crime, the writers utilize him a lot throughout Caped #3. As well the ending of this issue heightens the suspense in this series, forcing the reader to wonder what’s really going on in Capitol City.

Caped #3 replaces the duo of artists in the last issue with Sebastin Piriz, as the sole artist/colorist. Despite adding Piriz, visually the look featured in Caped #3 successfully maintains it’s sketchy, yet detailed, gritty tone.

My only complaint with this issue involves the agenda of Flex. Josh Lobis and Darin Moiselle haven’t explained why Flex murdered Irv. It’s disappointing to think the reasoning behind this won't be revealed until Caped #4 or #5. Sadly, it appears as if the writers are shooting first and will ask questions later. This decision to do slightly disturbs the pacing of the story, compared to the smooth steady tempo of the last book.

Nonetheless fans will laugh it up with Lobis and Moiselle’s work in Caped #3. However the pacing is half a step slower, due to unresolved questions involving Flex’s actions from issue #2.

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