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Jersey Gods #5

Posted: Friday, June 5, 2009
By: Ray Tate

Glen Brunswick
Dan McDaid, Rachelle Rosenberg (c)
Image Comics
The Positive and Negative gods of Cumulus and Neberon must deal with an asteroid impending doom to their planet. Meanwhile, on Earth, Zoe is in hot water with a Chinese fashion Mafioso.

With this issue, Glen Brunswick breaks free of Kirby. Jersey Gods was a potent homage to Jack Kirby’s New Gods and Eternals. That's not necessarily a bad thing. If you are going to pay tribute to somebody, better Kirby than say whoever the Hell butchered the Agents of Atlas cover.

Brunswick better knits the earthy and cosmic aspects of his book. He does this with the threads of love. After the big honking amalgams of the gods split, Barock discovers that he does not actually need a cell phone to get in touch with Zoe.

Zoe's danger motivates Barock and McDaid takes him through a judicious tour of Brunswick's universe that incrementally adds to the suspense. With the tension increasing, the rescue acts as a genuine release. Brunswick and McDaid play up the feeling through the satisfying comedy of Barock totally outclassing the poor human schmucks that were a serious threat to Zoe and Delia. Mind you, Zoe was resourceful when facing the odds.

For the conclusion, Brunswick dispenses with the traditional will-they-won't-they situation. Barock and Zoe consummate their relationship and the union flows naturally from the plot. In his debut, Barock came off as an Orion follower, but Brunswick and McDaid present him in a softer light than Darkseid’s son has ever felt. Zoe and Barock smile at each other as they bask in their closeness. The dialogue is playful. Rosenberg's colors become attractively sunnier. You believe the characters are in love.

This is easily the best issue of Jersey Gods. The art, the writing and even the colors convey the new milestone in the love-at-first-sight relationship, which also takes the book out of the cast of Kirby's shadow.

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