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Mighty Avengers #25

Posted: Tuesday, June 2, 2009
By: Shawn Hill

Dan Slott
Stephen Segovia (p), Noah Salonga (i)
Marvel Comics
Editor's Note: Mighty Avengers #25 arrives in stores tomorrow, June 3.

"Mighty/Fantastic, part one: The Baxter Job"

Plot: The Wasp is obsessing over his Pym Particles again, which doesn't make anyone on his team that comfortable. Hank plus obsession never turns out well, but it gets worse when Reed Richards throws the same accusation in his face in front of his team.

Comments: Slott has a way with the snappy banter. There's a lot of talk in this issue, but some of it furthers plots, other sequences allow for some emotional breathing room, and the vast majority of the verbiage mixes humorous putdowns and other brands of witty repartee. Slott brings the funny, even as he continues the serious plot-lines, much as he did in She-Hulk.

The art is subbed this time by Stephen Segovia, who has an ornate sort of European style somewhere between Khoi Pham and Simone Bianchi. He does well with the heavy character load this issue and with all the tech in Pym's lab, but one hopes these fill-ins are just buying time for Pham to catch up. The book deserves a steady artist.

The litany of problems unreeled in the "previously" summation at the beginning of the issue is disenheartening: Wanda, crazy and missing and now impersonated by Loki. Jan, dead. Ms. Marvel, dead. It really doesn't pay to be a female Avenger these days, in any reality. Quicksilver at least seems sane (or is pretending to be) and has his powers back. But Bill Foster (who appears in a poignant flashback): dead. Pym's pocket-universe lab: severed from time and space. They defeated Mordred last issue, but they're still on the run from the vile Dark Avengers.

As usual, Hank is more concerned with his toys than with reality, and he gets a severe reality check when he phones his "friend" Reed Richards to ask for some team-to-team technical assistance. Reed doesn't seem to be too hip on the old Avengers/FF standing alliance, and their video chat quickly deteriorates into a series of accusations about their involvement in the Skrull Invasion and concludes with a couple of unforgivable bitch slaps that I won't spoil here. But the end result is that the next mission for team Mighty is an all-out assault on the Baxter Building.

So that probably won't go well, but surprisingly the team is mostly on board, with only USAgent and Quicksilver heading off on a side mission. The team plans to use image-inducers to disguise their identity, and if nothing else this fight could be a test of just how stable a unit they are in the shifting landscape of a Marvel Universe dominated by evil forces and undermined by pointless guilt.

Plus, I mean, c'mon, if anyone deserves a wakeup call after the Invasion, my money's on Reed way more than poor Hank. Give 'em hell, Assemblers!

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