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Booster Gold #20

Posted: Monday, May 25, 2009
By: Andre Lamar

Keith Giffen
Dan Jurgens, Norm Rapmund (i), HI-FI (c)
DC Comics
“Suicidal Tendencies”

When Rip Hunter and Booster’s ship stalls, Booster loses patience while waiting for the repairs. The second string hero then takes a voyage back into the '50s to hangout in Las Vegas in an effort to kill time. Unfortunately, Booster’s trip to the past is marred by an unexpected run-in with the Suicide Squad.

Keith Giffen offers a steady-going and refreshing story in Booster Gold #20. Albeit nothing groundbreaking occurs in this issue, Giffen’s introduction of Sgt. Frank Rock and the Suicide Squad was a pleasant gesture. Seeing Sgt. Rock in a shirt and tie, instead of his traditional army greens, took some getting used to. However, his quick tongue and hard-boiled attitude quickly reminds the reader he’s the same ole brawny war veteran.

Visually Dan Jurgens delivered on efficient character models and background designs. Jurgen’s images never appear too exaggerated or cartoony in this series. His art in #20 is consistent with what he’s drawn in previous issues.

HI-FI’s coloring continues to magnify Jurgens' decent images as it has in past issues. During the second chapter of issue Booster Gold #20, HI-FI’s instinct in providing effective lighting reveals greatness. The scene takes place as the Suicide Squad and Booster Gold enter into a secured, dimly lit government facility. Upon entering the facility, the rainbow of colors featured on the clothing of Booster and the Squad diminishes. Instead the lighting displays a greenish-gray tint. The contrast of colors capitalizes on the notion of secrecy.

Despite an interesting story, this issue does include a blemish. The problem reverts to the fact that nothing of importance occurs. This doesn’t deter me from the comic. However, the absence of crucial information doesn’t add an incentive to the reader either. Although it lacks new information Booster Gold #20 is a fun and clever read.

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