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Jonah Hex #43

Posted: Monday, May 18, 2009
By: Andre Lamar

Jimmy Palmiotti & Justin Gray
Paul Gulacy, Rob Schwager (c)
DC Comics
“Silent But Deadly”

Gunslinger Jonah Hex is faced with a hostage situation at a nearby hotel. With a gun in one hand and a knife in the other, Hex arrives at a hotel to resolve the nasty situation. Outnumbered by a handful of rifle toting hombres, the bounty hunter gets down to business and let his weapons do the talking.

Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray instantly thrust the reader into an upbeat action packed adventure. In order to both accentuate and accelerate this venture, the writers chose to not include dialogue during the majority of the story. After countless panels of Jonah Hex pistol whipping and pumping hombres full of lead, it wasn’t until page 11 that the first words of dialogue were introduced. Although the constraint on dialogue allowed readers to concentrate on the violence and mayhem taking place, I didn’t understand the premise of the story my first time around. A brief preface explaining that Hex had been hired to resolve a hostage situation would’ve resolved my confusion.

Rather than emulate David Michael Beck’s photorealistic character designs from previous Jonah Hex issues, Paul Gulacy implemented more of a cartoony, yet, detailed approach reminiscent of Phil Noto‘s style. However, Gulacy’s visuals feel natural and complement Palmiotti and Gray’s storytelling ability.

Aside from decent artwork and exciting quick paced action, I have one gripe with Jonah Hex #43. In a desperate effort to flee from the hotel, a damsel in distress somehow lost her nightgown and streaked to safety. Although sex sells, the choice to portray a naked streaking woman didn’t add any substance to the story. In fact the decision to do so slightly disrupts the flow of the story, as the nude scene occurred at random.

Nonetheless Johan Hex #43 is a unique high octane adventure. Hex fans in search of action filled panels and to-the-point storytelling should enjoy this issue.

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