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Street Fighter II Turbo #6

Posted: Monday, May 18, 2009
By: Karyn Pinter

Ken Siu-Chong
Jeffrey ďChambaĒ Crus, Marshall Dillon (l)
Udon Entertainment
The invitations were sent and now the guests are arriving to the next Street Fighter tournament. Itís still the qualifying rounds, so anything can still happen. Letís hope that when it all comes to a close, itís something unexpected like the ending of the last volume. This is also part of theFinal Fight crossover, so weíre whisked away to Metro City for half of the comic. I guess that's okay. It didnít hurt the issue any, but I was never a Final Fight fan, and to me it didnít add much. If youíre a Final Fight fan then youíll be happy to see some familiar faces.

If youíve ever wondered what would happen when a giant Russian and a Sumo wrestler fought a band of ninja, well, youíre in luck. The highlight of this issue was definitely Honda and Zangief in a tag team match against Geki Ninja clan. Vega had previously pitted Hond and Zangief against one another, but growing bored with the bloodless battle decided to take it to the next level--adding ninjas being the logical solution.

The second story line involves Cody from the Final Fight line, his less then reputable past and his invitation to fight in the Street Fighter tournament. All comes to a head involving Balrog, golden tickets, and (of course) having to fight to survive. Whoís going to make it out alive? Well, likely everyone since this is only issue #6, but you never know. Thereís also a back-up story featuring Mike Haggar, another Final Fight tie-in. It seems like Udon is trying to launch a Final Fight comic, because in the final pages thereís a log-in and vote promotion. I have no problem with that, except that Iíve now written Final Fight four times more then Iíve written Street Fighter in a Street Fighter review.

The writing is the best it can be for a comic based on a video game. Youíre not going to get Art Spiegelman level writing, but you donít really expect to either, so it works out. Itís pretty much as good as it gets without being too over the top, and it keeps you entertained. Plus, with all the characters in the Street Fighter universe thereís a lot of ground to cover, so one or two characters never play a main role. Someoneís favorite is always bound to be heavily featured in an issue though. This time it was the Honda and Zangeif show. Sorry Chun Li fans--sheís not back this month, but with the way things are going sheíll likely make another appearance next month. I like this system though--it helps keep all the characters relevant instead of just watching Ken and Ryu act like teenaged girl ďfrienemies.Ē

I think I expressed my love for the art work in the Street Fighter comics before, but Iíll express it again. Thereís just something about this comic series. I think itís the colors--theyíre so vivid and sharp. And Iím usually against Photoshop in comics, but I know it has to be used here, and itís good. It really does have an anime quality to it, but without being manga or anime. The Street Fighter series is pretty enjoyable, and a must read for fans of the game.

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