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Unthinkable #1

Posted: Monday, May 11, 2009
By: Bill Janzen

Mark Sable
Julian Totino Tedesco
BOOM! Studios
EDITOR's NOTE: Unthinkable #1 will be in stores Wednesday, May 13.

When it comes to comics, I'm one of the majority--I'm into Marvel. Give me some good, new Dark Reign tie-in issues these days and I'm a happy man. So it takes some kind of special little spark to get me into a non-superhero type comic. The plot of Unthinkable has that spark.

Alan Ripley is a writer who focuses on disaster and terrorist scenarios. In reaction to the disaster the government hires Ripley and a few other people with a penchant for dreaming up bizarre threats and puts together a think tank to hopefully predict such "unthinkable" attacks so that they can stop them from happening again in the future. The project is shut down shortly later, only to have the scenarios that they dreamed up actually start happening 8 years later. Who's to blame? And what can Ripley do when no one believes him, and there's no proof that the secret think tank project ever even existed?

I love a good mystery and Unthinkable #1 is definitely a good mystery. Who can even read the summary above without wanting to know what happens? Writer Mark Sable sets up a great plot that I can't wait to keep following, with a main character and supporting cast that are quirky enough to seem real and interesting.

The art also serves the story well with just enough grit to give it a real world edge without devolving into the blobby characters that some projects from smaller studios do. Artist Julian Tedesco does a great job with everything from facial expressions, to action, to body figures, to vehicles and buildings. The coloring even adds to the effect as they bypass a straight attempt at realism and focus on a few central tones that help give a bit of an otherworldly edge to the comic's look.

Overall, Unthinkable #1 is a great start to what will hopefully be a great series. Both writer and artist have given us quality here and the first chapter of an intriguing story. If you're looking for an extra title to pick up, this is one with a promising start.

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