X-Men Legacy #259

A comic review article by: Sara McDonald

X-Men Legacy #259 is a Regenesis tie-in, with Rogue facing the decision of having to choose between staying with Cyclops and his team on Utopia or moving back to Westchester and joining Wolverine at his rebuilt school. Complicating matters is the fact that Gambit has chosen to return to Westchester while Magneto will remain in Utopia, forcing Rogue to also, partly, choose between the two of them. Her difficult decision has to be put off temporarily, however, when it is discovered that the recent trip Rogue and several of the other X-Men made to Shi'ar space may have resulted in bringing along a stowaway.

As X-Men Legacy is very much a book that centers on Rogue, her decision on which team to join is given a lot of time and focus as she weighs both her options. She's torn between the two sides because, as she tells Magneto, "I see a good man following his conscience for the very best of reasons. Trouble is, I see that twice." Though she's been a team leader in her own right, Rogue still knows she has to pick a side now, even as she can see the point of view of both Wolverine and Cyclops. Magneto then offers to help her by allowing her to see his point of view by absorbing his thoughts through her powers. Rogue agrees, hoping it will make her decision easier.

She learns a little more than she bargained for, however, when touching Magneto causes Rogue to feel a foreign entity in his mind. They discover that there's a "stowaway," someone who managed to travel out of sight of the others. The X-Men must then piece together not only who this stowaway is, but how he or she traveled to Earth, but how the stowaway is hidden. It's a more compelling plot than some of the recent issues of X-Men Legacy, with the mystery of who the X-Men have brought with them from Shi'ar space keeping the reader guessing up to the end. It keeps the comic flowing as well, helping it to avoid becoming too heavily about emotional choices without any action to move the story along. The cliffhanger it ends with is a compelling one, and it should be interesting to see where this plotline will be headed.

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