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Teen Titans #70

Posted: Saturday, May 9, 2009
By: Andre Lamar

Sean McKeever
Joe Bennet, Jack Jadson, Belardino Brabo (i) Rod Reis(c)
DC Comics
“Break the Walls of Jericho”

As the son of Deathstroke continues his rampage of terror, the Teen Titans and Titans remain engaged in a game of “Where’s Jericho?” The tormented Jericho Wilson sabotages the T-Wing, in an attempt to exterminate the Teen Titans. Meanwhile Vigilante seeks to settle the score with the conflicted maniac.

Joe Bennet offered detailed character designs in the third installment of Death Trap, appending high sensibility to the visuals. Bennet set the tone of each panel through his ability to effectively capture the emotion of each character. One of his most successful panels in articulating this skill occurred on page 13. The panel featured a devastated Beast Boy as he monitored the status of an ailing Cyborg. In retrospect, the thought of a damaged cyborg may not register as something that would be emotional to the reader. However, this depiction was superior. This is where the genius of Joe Bennet’s artistry comes into play. Cyborg is drawn with outstretched arms and legs, while hooked up to a machine. The agony portrayed through Cyborg’s body language speaks louder than any caption or speech bubble ever could express. Bennet understands this notion and successfully capitalizes on it throughout this issue.

Rod Reis assists Bennet’s visuals by cultivating flair and personality into the characters. Most notably his usage of lighting concerning the costumes of each individual offers the reader a precise understanding in unveiling the different textures of their costumes.

Although the artwork in Teen Titans #70 was impressive, the progression of this series has not been. This game of cat and mouse between Jericho and the Titans is becoming a bit redundant. Sean McKeever has any interesting story on his hands. However, he has not introduced any significant information in this latest issue and I feel as if he is drawing this series out.

At the end of the day, Teen Titans #70 is a visually impressive read with a lack of valuable information. Although the trade edition of the Death Trap mini-series may prove to be beneficial, this latest installment is not worth the money unless you’re a diehard fan.

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