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Jersey Gods #4

Posted: Saturday, May 9, 2009
By: Ray Tate

Glen Brunswick
Dan McDaid, Rachelle Rosenberg (c)
Image Comics
The bad guys torture Barock as a friggin' huge asteroid approaches Cumulus, the floating city of the gods. Meanwhile in New Jersey, Zoe takes a shopping trip to research her column centered on good fashion at an affordable price.

There's a lot in this issue of Jersey Gods that surprised me. I thought Zoe's section of the book would be somewhat dull when compared to the imminent demise of Cumulus, but Brunswick draws Delia back to the proceedings and introduces a new character named Rick. Suddenly, everything's not quite so predictable.

Dan McDaid makes Delia's entrance just as larger than life as some of the Kirbyesque gestures emoted by Barock and company. That choice fits neatly with the artistic motif. Delia's astounding dress sense must also be noted. These broad gesticulations and outré couture almost foreshadow the crime uncovered in what would traditionally be the boring bit of the story. You look at Delia in her fur coat had, mesh top with gold nipple plates, and you say to yourself, "Well, something interesting is going to happen with this subplot."

Brunswick and McDaid switch back and forth between settings on Earth and in the cosmic smoothly but without segue. Instead, they time the moments perfectly, allotting just enough space for each environment to whet the appetite and increase the suspense. The art is exciting. Rachelle Rosenberg's colors help set the mood with a cooler palette suitable for a midnight rendezvous and charge the atmosphere with fiery golds.

Back in space, Brunswick and McDaid reveal a particularly strange development. This element is also a nod to Kirby, specifically the Forever People, yet Brunswick and McDaid prepare their surprise so it has farther reaching implications as well as consequences and limitations.

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