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Fist of Justice #1

Posted: Thursday, May 7, 2009
By: Jason Cohen

Mike Imboden
Pow Rodrix, Edemilson Alexandre (c); Andre Coelho, Mick Clausen (c)
Digital Webbing Press
Plot: Fist of Justice returns to crime fighting after 30 years of being locked away in an asylum. Upon returning to Charm City he discovers a new Fist of Justice has taken his place and this one isnít so nice.

This was a very interesting read, as the story for Fist of Justice has been thoroughly thought out and developed to create a complex look at the superhero genre. Spanning 30 years through continuity we see what happens when a hero fails and the repercussions of him giving up. Itís nothing groundbreaking, but its fun nonetheless.

We are given full backgrounds of both Fists of Justices, but I wonder whether the flashbacks actually occurred somewhere else. I canít put my finger on it but it seems like by just picking this issue up, you do miss something, but the good thing is its nothing that hinders the storytelling. Apart from some overly descriptive thought bubbles and somewhat of a "lets explain how we did it" ending, nothing is really that weak.

The art is pretty good, is consistent throughout with no sense of rushing like mainstream comics sometimes have. However, the good Fist of Justice is a little cartoony compared to the cover art (which I felt had a beautiful hint of something Kirby-esque) and the bad Fist of Justice seems to channel the 1990s a bit too much.

I have no idea how this fits into the Fist of Justice series, but this issue has sparked my interest and it should get you to look for the rest of the series the next time you go to the store. Fist of Justice definitely deserves more a little more attention.

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