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Irredeemable #2

Posted: Monday, May 4, 2009
By: Stephen Joyce

Mark Waid
Peter Krause, Andrew Dalehouse (c)
BOOM! Studios
Editor's Note: Irredeemable #2 arrives in stores Wednesday, May 6.

In Irredeemable #2 we are given a better look into the world of the Plutonian. We learn of his true love and how she rejected him. Yet still the mystery of why such a great hero turned into the greatest villain deepens.

Iíve got to hand it to Mark Waid, heís doing an amazing job on this book. The layers that he is throwing on to this story are just great. In the first issue we saw how slight comments and people wondering what the Plutonian really was were getting to the hero. Now weíre given another look at how betrayal from a love one may have turned him evil, but we still have no definitive clue as to why the Plutonian has gone on his killing spree.

Iíll be honest this issue doesnít have the action and adventure the first issue did, but itís still kept me intrigued. By the time I finished this book I didnít believe it was over. I love when a book can do that. The pacing was good as well. Most of it dealt with the past and the present would break in when it needed to, normally as a way to change the scene in the past.

This book is showing me everything that I would love to see in a Superman book. Things are being handled realistically. Every person is acting like I believe a real person would. If I knew a superheroes identity, Iíd probably try to tell people first before I thought about the consequences. Then the superhero would probably get pretty pissed about.

I like how the art is being handled in this book. Peter Krause and colorist Andrew Dalehouse are doing some amazing stuff here. They continue to use the darker atmosphere for the present and the brighter atmosphere for the past. I love that idea and I canít say how much it does for this book.

Final Word: This issue may not have as much action for some peopleís liking, but it is still a great story. It gives us a great view of the Plutonianís world and expands on the character. While this series is only on its second issue, Iím willing to bet that this story becomes a classic once it is completed.

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