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Green Arrow/Black Canary #19

Posted: Monday, April 27, 2009
By: Andre Lamar

Andrew Kreisberg
Mike Norton, Josef Rubinstein (i), David Baron(c)
DC Comics
"Tough Love"

In this issue Cupid will finally confront Green Arrow face to face using a defeated Merlyn as lure. This fourth installment shows the conflict between Cupid and Green Arrow but loses some momentum as the tension unfolds.

The story begins with Cupid luring Green Arrow to the Natural History Museum. Andrew Kreisberg was successful in capturing the psychotic behavior of the redheaded vigilante, Cupid, on countless occasions. The most notable circumstance occurred when she attacked Ollie, after he referred to her as being out of her "friggin mind." However, Cupidís bipolar personality transitioned from rage to an apologetic giggle. Whatís unique about her in this instance is she was fighting Black Canary with Ollieís blood smeared on her face. This added a nice touch in fleshing out this wild redhead.

The artists Mike Norton and Josef Rubinstein gave incredible judgment with the creative and unique character and clothing designs. Nortonís drawings and Rubinsteinís insight gave each character an article of clothing that had specific weight and density. In addition David Baron added another critical element. He created exceptional environments and character personalities through his choice of colors. His ability in background and character design created dynamic impact. The cast of artists and writers worked well together.

One aspect of the story that caused me to question this issue as a whole was the pacing. Kreisberg has done a commendable job with showing rather than telling especially as it pertains to Cupid with her obsessive and crazy attraction to Green Arrow. However, the nature of the series is not as interesting as it once was. The standard was raised in the first installment of issue #16, causing me to have a higher level of interest and expectation. Kreisberg set in motion an upbeat tempo when he introduced Merlyn, assassinating science geeks, before the story credits. Green Arrow/Black Canary in issue #17 opened with an interesting jail break. This break took place after, the love sick Cupid plowed a truck through a police station and kidnapped Merlyn. Soon after is where the story began to lose momentum. Most of the action and suspense had ceased which caused me to lose interest.

I am not degrading this series or implying every issue must have action and violence to entertain readers. However, what I appreciate about Andrew Kreisbergís talent is his use of suspense and action, that is what keeps me reading these wonderful comics.

All in all, unless you want to add to your Green Arrow collection, I suggest you skip this issue. Although the visuals and dialogue are respectable, this story falls short of providing excitement.

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