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Vigilante #5

Posted: Monday, April 20, 2009
By: Andre Lamar

Marv Wolfman
Rick Leonardi, John Stanisci (c)
DC Comics
“An Attempt to Please Mr. Wilson”

After nearly blowing off Cyborg’s head, Vigilante is ambushed by the Titans and surrenders. Now held captive, he must find a way to stop the ruthless Jericho.

Trailing issue #69 of Teen Titans, our good ole friend Vigilante finds himself surrounded by a handful of disgruntled Titans. With Cyborg laid out cold on the concrete, the man with the red V across his face dropped to his knees and surrendered.

Though his selfish intentions would have protected himself and others from Jericho, Starfire and company must have forgot to accept the blame for what happened to Cyborg. Nonetheless, they grabbed the masked gunmen by the scruff of his neck and detained him at Titans Compound. Meanwhile the maniacal Jericho continues to run rampant in the streets, attempting to gain the respect of his father Deathstroke.

Marv Wolfman has done a decent job engaging the reader into his storylines for the Vigilante series. The Vigilante character is believable and the dialogue is thorough.

On the contrary, the artwork from Leonardi and Stanisci feels a little inconsistent and dull. For instance, pages one and two have a decent sense of color and lighting. Yet on the next page, exaggerated shadows on Dorsey’s coat appear to have a noir tone. Not to mention the characters appear less colorful and more sketchy. I would have loved to seen the Vigilante series take on the same art style as Batman: Battle for the Cowl. Tony Daniels and Sandu Florea work well together. Marv Wolfman should have better visuals to compliment his storytelling ability.

All in all, Vigilante #5 is an above average read. Nothing spectacular occurs. But the information story is relevant. If you’re a fan of the V man or your into the Teen Titans series, this is a must have.

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