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Amber Atoms #2

Posted: Saturday, March 28, 2009
By: Ray Tate

Kelly Yates
Kelly Yates, Michael E. Wiggam(c)
Image Comics
A timely rescue introduces a new character to the world of Amber Atoms. We learn the mcguffin is some sort of key. As political shenanigans arise behind the back of an intergalactic Presidential candidate, the same bunch of deadly alien mercenaries from the premiere converge on our heroes.

Yates designs visually striking figures on both sides of the coin. The alien antagonists are aesthetically varied in terms of physiognomy and dress sense. Judging solely by appearance Amber Atoms is a character that I should like: tough-looking red-head with believable anatomy and a ready-for-action uniform. The trouble is that two issues in, and I still don't know why I should be rooting for Amber Atoms. She just doesn't exhibit that much depth, and her dialogue does not impress. The same can be said of the Galactic Guardian. Sure, he looks rather neat, especially with the gold filagree trim on his jacket, but he doesn't really do anything spectacular or interact with Amber in a relatable way.

Yates handles the plotting better this issue. He ties the loose threads that bothered me in the premiere into the main story. He for instance explains the significance of the blonde Flash Gordon analogue from last issue: Amber's uncle. However, the explanation makes the premiere look even clumsier. The truth is that the scene with Amber's Uncle has yet to be proven necessary.

As with the premiere, the art's the most enviable quality in Amber Atoms. Kelly Yates' space technology, which includes very cool starships that look like streamlined World War II bombers, and the alien settings deserve to be seen and admired. The story however should stand out more, and the dialogue requires sharpening.

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