Elric: The Balance Lost #4

A comic review article by: Ray Tate
Elric, Corum, Dorian Hawkmoon, Eric Beck, O'Riley and their allies address the imbalance between law and chaos threatening to split asunder the multiverse.

Although beautifully illustrated by Francesco Biagni and Downer, this issue of Elric unfortunately sags. That's because each episode seems somewhat repetitious and lacks any real action. One of the incarnations of the Eternal Champion appears to die, but it's a single moment in what amounts to unbroken similarity. Some may say, that's the point, but something really should happen given all the potential baddies to slice and dice. Elric does do a bit of chopping, but they're robots. Robots? Really? Is this Magnus or Elric? What about the flesh and blood bug worshippers? I'd rather see them put to the sword instead of robots.

The resolution or the escalation of the multiple problems also confuses. I can't tell exactly what's going in in the end. Either the worlds are merging into a composite arena where Eternal Champions stand back to back, or their minds have been switched around.

You tell me.

In any case, although this is the least of the series, Elric still promises to be more the next issue. I just question whether we needed this issue to get there.

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