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Jersey Gods #2

Posted: Saturday, March 7, 2009
By: Ray Tate

Glen Brunswick
Dan McCaid with Rachelle Rosenberg (colors)
Image Comics
Why on earth did Glen Brunswick use this story for the second issue? The second issue of Jersey Gods is far more powerful and more descriptive of the series to come than the premiere issue.

To a new reader, the story would have begun in the midst of battle. The hero Barock of Neboron protects Zoe from the evil alien invader Minog. A kiss seals Zoe's fate to Barock. It's her faith in him that gives him the extra zip to wage a bitchin' battle that's filled with lovely violence and auxiliary body parts flying amid Kirbyesque artwork.

Supporting characters get a better showing. Helius, Barock's friend, actually does something to help the characters. Before he was just playing the second fiddle and being low-rent Lightray.

Changes in attitude abound thanks to the causes and effects spooled out in perfectly arranged plotting rife with genuine warmth and humor. Even when the camera turns away from the cosmic to the more mundane, Brunswick's set-pieces interest and Dan McCaid's and Rachelle Rosenberg's artwork pops.

The second issue of Jersey Gods should have been the first. The characterization and the character interaction is stronger. The artwork draws even more power from these elements.

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