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Cold Blooded Chillers #3

Posted: Monday, February 9, 2009
By: Zakarya Anwar

R.M. Heske
Adam Swieki, Reno Maniquis, Dirk Shearer
Heske Horror
Plot: Three stand alone, short tales of suburban murder and malice.

Comments: Cold Blooded Chillers is an anthology title, completely written by one Robert M. Heske. Having read (and reviewed) the previous two issues, I have to say that this is a step up for the Chillers. I'll tackle this book story by story.

First off we have a yarn called, 'Shadow', drawn by Adam Swieki. A nice short tale that does a few things that your mainstream titles would never have the balls to do. Involving children. Nuff said. The artwork is a definite improvement from previous issues and Swieki's shadowy style is well suited to both the story and the title of the tale.

Next up, we've got 'Transcendence'. This story was okay, but not as good as the first. There were two major problems with it. Firstly, the protagonist, a security guard, spends a lot of time talking to sea life, referring to things about them he probably read on Wikipedia then connecting these 'fab facts' to his problems. It was overwritten. Secondly, I had to turn back to 'Shadow' after reading this story and compare the two. More on this later. Reno Maniquis, the artist charged with drawing this tale does an admirable job. His style is detailed, yet not overly so - as some artist in the small press business are wont to do.

The third story goes by the name of 'Synchronicity'. Of all the stories in this comic, this one had the most intriguing and original concept. Artwork on this story was handled by Dirk Shearer. His lines are simple, yet detailed and the gray-scaling helped to make his work stand out of the crowd. David Paul's lettering is worth a mention here too, seeing as he hasn't been mentioned yet. He does good job.

Now, as I was saying earlier, the biggest problem I can see here is that all of the stories are written by the same guy. Granted, it is called R. M. Heske's Cold Blooded Chillers, but more variety is needed. All three of the tales in this comic have too much of a similar feel to them. The twists at the end have the same problem. A guest writer once in a while would help.

Final Word: Nice short stories, with the odd hiccup and some minor problems. Still a good buy though. It's a balls to the walls independent comic - one of those low budget horrors we all secretly love to watch.

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