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Locke & Key: Head Games #2

Posted: Monday, February 9, 2009
By: Troy Stith

Joe Hill
Gabriel Rodriguez, Jay Fotos (c)
Last month's "Intermission" could have easily been used as a filler issue like most comics do these days, but instead it set the stage for the first chapter of Head Games perfectly. This issue picks up right after Mr. Ridgeway's death, with the deviant Zack Wells enlisting Ellie Whedon's help with dealing with the clean up of Ridgeway's murder. This scene alone really shows Hill's attention to detail with his characters, I won't say in what way in case you haven't read this issue, but attention to detail like this is what makes Hill's writing so addictive. I won't be delving into too many details of this first chapter of Head Games, this book is better left unchartered, since you never know what curve Hill is going to throw at you and I don't want to ruin that for you.

Even though I won't be talking details of the book, I will mention that this issue really starts to show you how the characters are still shell shocked from their past and how that dark chapter is affecting their new lives. Plus, the added weight that murder seems to follow the family wherever they go plagues certain members. Each chaotic element keeps tipping the scale towards disaster; leaving you guessing when the happy fašade the family is wearing around each other will finally wear through revealing the dark monsters haunting all of them, with the exception of Bode, who shows the resilience of a child and is too distracted with the mystery of the keys to notice everything going on around him.

If Hill's page-to-page cliffhangers aren't enough to keep you reading, then Rodriguez and Fotos' work will keep your eyes glued to the page until the end. Each artist does a fantastic job complimenting one another, whether it is the teary eyed scenes or the gory murder scenes this duo really knows what they're doing.

The last page splash really shows that this title will keep pushing the limit of disbelief, something it did a fantastic job with in the initial run and a trend they've thankfully kept this time around. To reinstate what Matthew McLean said in his review of the last issue, this comic is definitely worth the $3.99 price tag it wears. If this comic hasn't captured you yet, then I'd suggest going out and picking up the first run and start catching up, hell, I'll goes as far as saying, go pick up any book with Hill's name on it and you won't be disappointed.

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