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Jersey Gods #1

Posted: Saturday, February 7, 2009
By: Ray Tate

Glen Brunswick
Dan McCaid, Rachelle Rosenberg(c)
Jersey Gods starts out small with Zoe deciding what to wear on her date. She starts to go through her wardrobe; the scene judiciously takes up only one page. Through her narration, we learn of her bad luck pertaining to holidays and dating. Her significant others break up with her on holidays. Today is a holiday, but the break up is the least of her worries.

The story cuts to the cosmic where Barock and Helius speed through space toward a group of asteroids that threaten their worlds. They strike fun Kirby-inspired larger than life poses courtesy of Dan McCaid. Let me just say that I'm not belittling McCaid's achievement, and while he's following closely in Kirby's footsteps, his art still possesses singular nuances that distinguish him from a mere Kirby swiper. It's definitely eye-catching, and it's a helluva lot better than being bored by homogeneity.

Barock's and Helius' conversation outline a Star Trek like separation between two cities. Barock is a ground dweller, and Helius likes to spend time in Cumulus a cloud city that's apparently corrupt and the seeder of all their troubles. Helius is the prodigal son of the benevolent ruler, the High Father of our piece.

One of those troubles is Minog, a Deviant like monster with an Asgardian physique. He also has the best line in the book: "The gods have returned, and we're not happy!" I had to smile at that. Minog's incursion on earth is meant to bait Barock. The hero takes the bait, and he and Helius zip to earth in order to take on the Big Bad. This is the exciting and violent encounter that brings all our players together.

Glen Brunswick combines New Gods with earthly matters of the heart for a potent tribute to Jack the King Kirby. It's too early to tell if an homage is all it is, but I'm willing to follow Jersey Gods for awhile to see where it goes. Dan McCaid's artwork is pleasing to the eye and energetic for the frenetic story.

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