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Astonishing Tales #1

Posted: Tuesday, February 3, 2009
By: Troy Stith

C.B. Cebulski, Jonathan Hickman, et al.
Kenneth Roquefort, Lou Kang, Chew Chan, Nick Pitarra, et al.
Marvel Comics
Editor's Note: Astonishing Tales #1 arrives in stores tomorrow, February 4.

When I first read that Marvel was going to do this anthology, I was actually excited, but once I learned that it contained two Iron Man stories out of the four stories offered, I was confused and disappointed at the same time. Why would Marvel waste the space in the first issue on two Iron Man stories? It doesn't make sense, and both stories were boring at best. Not to mention, that the Arno Stark story is "to be continued" like two of the other stories in the anthology.

The serial aspect of the book was a huge disappointment. Doesn't Marvel undertand that anthologies are usually self-contained stories that don't require any commitment to pick up the book the following month? Instead, they're treating this anthology as a series that forces the reader to buy the next issue if they want the answers from this issue. One word sums up that decision: boo! Just another ploy to sell books the Marvel way.

Marvel can thank C.B. Cebulski and Kenneth Roquefort for the two bullets that this anthology received from me. If it weren't for their Wolverine and Punisher story, I'm afraid to think of the rating I would've given this anthology. I loved Roquefort's art and the starter pages of this tale are intriguing, even though I think it's ridiculous that the tale couldn't be completely told in this one issue. Go ahead and give Roquefort and Cebulski a full issue one shot to tell the tale, or make them come up with a self-contained story for Logan and Frank.

Even though I liked the art of the Mojoworld story, the storyline itself is lackluster and the characters that were chosen are mundane when considering the Marvel universe.

I'll go ahead and stop this review here, since I'm afraid what else will come out if I keep going. I was sorry to see this anthology bomb as badly as it did in my eyes. Even though I liked the start of the Punisher/Wolverine story, it isn't enough for me to go back next month. The other "to be continued" stories aren't intriguing enough for a next months viewing. Disappointing, Marvel. Very disappointing.

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