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Spawn #188

Posted: Saturday, January 24, 2009
By: Troy Stith

Todd McFarlance, Brian Holguin
Whilce Portacio, Todd McFarlance (i), Jay Fotos (c)
Image Comics
With the third issueís explosive ending and Spawn revelation, I was sure that McFarlane and Holguin were finally going to move this dragging storyline along. Wrong. Instead, we follow Jim Downing from one hospital to the next. Where upon arriving he continues to have the same struggles that he has had the last three issues with becoming Spawn. I would think that after turning into the full blown Spawn in the last issue Jim would kind of know whatís going on with himself by now. Once again, wrong. The fact that this storyline isnít going anywhere is a huge disappointment. Issue #185 seemed to be the only issue that offered any kind of real information as to whatís going on in this arc and thatís only because it was the first issue of the series.

After a grueling page waster dialogue laden phone conversation between Jimís new doctor and his old doctor, you find out that nurse Sara is still alive. This moment finally moves the story out of the hospital scene. But again, this only gives way for more flashbacks of Jim as Spawn as recounts what exactly happened the night before. It ends on a Spawn laced note that doesnít really make you care whatís going to happen next.

All of the background characters that havenít been adding much to the main storyline continue to do so this time around. Thatís about all Iíve got to say on their part.

The one saving grace of this issue was Portacioís art. I havenít had any complaints on that aspect from the beginning and thankfully heís doing a great job on making the book look great. His panel transitions are smooth, detail levels are high, and I really do like what his new Spawn looks like, I just wish we got to see it more. Another great thing is Portacioís take on gore; the panel of the eyes staring vacantly really makes your stomach churn. Jay Fotos does a great job stepping in for Jim Han doing the colors for the book.

With the lackluster ending of this issue Iíll be reluctant to carry on next month, although, I probably will give this title another shot. Itís really disappointing to become a Spawn reader once again only to be let down so soon.

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