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Simpsons Comics #150

Posted: Saturday, January 24, 2009
By: Ray Tate

Ian Boothby
John Delaney (p), Dan Davis (i), Art Villanueva (c)
Bongo Comics
Boothby attacks obesity in Simpsons Comics. This subject has been dealt with on the series. Springfield is a fairly over-weight town, and perhaps, given the current climate of the nation, that's realistic. Boothby distinguishes his story from others, such as Homer's blossoming into the Guinness Book of World's Records as the fattest man on the planet, by focusing on obesity in children.

Naked Chef spoof Darcy Michael enacts a totalitarian rule over the school cafeteria and soon Springfield Elementary finds itself longing for sweets and junk food. This instills larcenous thoughts in one Bart Simpson. He later will incorporate his father in his at first crafty scheme. The next ploys become progressively sillier, but it's still rather sweet that they are the product of father and son.

The knee jerk response would be to have a collusion between Darcy and Lisa, but Boothby evades expectations through a surprising reaction followed by an inexorably, ingeniously linked B story. Lisa the vegetarian, tofu eater extraordinaire, falls under the auspices of Professor Frink and floating monkeys.

Dan Davis gives the weighty issue some ominous and utterly inappropriate shadows. John Delaney imagines the Naked Chef as a Groening influenced Simpsonsite in two different forms. Villanueva revels in squid pinks, cola browns and flame thrower reds. The flame thrower comes out of nowhere.

Boothby mines comedy gold in an ore of lard. Ably abetted by Delaney, Davis and Villanueva as well as letterer Karen Bates who stencils The Constitution and a plethora of heavenly games make this issue of Simpsons Comics a tasty treat, lacking empty calories and fortified with a free poster.

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