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Wonder Woman #27

Posted: Monday, December 29, 2008
By: Karyn Pinter

Gail Simone
Aaron Lopresti, Matt Ryan (i), Brad Anderson (c), Travis Lanham (l)
DC Comics
Alright, first things first. Iíve never put a swear word in a review before because Iím not sure if Iím allowed to, but Iím going to anyway. If the editor sees fit to remove it then so be it. Gail Simone kicked Wonder Womanís ass, and hard. Where so many villains and super monsters have failed, Gail has triumphed. The laurels of victory are yours, madam. Our hero has been brought to her knees by Genocide, the lab created god-creature who has stolen Wonder Womanís lasso of truth, and wait for itÖ made it part of him. Iím not talking about becoming one with it like in some Amazonian meditation fest. No, he had it surgically implanted into his body and heís using it to wipe the floor with the JLA. Now, of course, with the lasso having been taken from her, itís the perfect time for Wonder Woman to reveal that the lasso isnít just for quasi-bondage truth telling sessions. Oh no, itís got powers we apparently havenít even seen as demonstrated by literally breaking someoneís face.

When I reviewed issue #26, I wasnít really sure if this whole "Rise of the Olympian" story arc was going to pay off. Iím still on the fence, but things are starting to look pretty good -- you know, as good as beaten heroes, dying gods, and broken faces can look. No, Iím serious, this could be really great. Itís so open to, ďWow, that was crazy Ė I canít believe thatís how it ended,Ē but itís also still open to ď(insert expletive here)Ē and toss your comic across the room. Really canít say where Gail might be taking us, good or bad -- a bunch of crazy stuff is on the horizon. The gods have returned (where they went I donít know) -- Athena is dying, if itís possible for a god to die and Zeus is taking over the Amazon nation at her request. He calls back all the Amazons to Themyscira, their home island, and there he offers Queen Hippolyta ďthe peace of the grave.Ē Now, if that isnít ominous I donít what is. Hippolyta needs a vacation, we know this. It canít be easy being queen of the Amazons. But do we really have to send her to Zeusí mystery island? Why not pack her off to Jamaica? Do a one shot of her wacky adventures of fun in the sun after naively eating some brownies offered to her by a local.

DC is setting up some crazy stuff. Theyíve already locked Batman up in a closest somewhere, and I havenít been following Superman at all so I donít know whatís going down in his neck of the woods. Now Wonder Woman has lost her lasso (letís hope thatís all of her outfit that goes missing or sheíll be without dignity, too). I canít wait to see where all of this is going -- whoís going to make it out alive? 5:1 odds on Tom ďNemesisĒ Tresser getting it in the end, heroically of course, leaving Wonder Woman heartbroken. I just hope with all the disappearances and the canceling of books, DCís super coup d'ťtat doesnít implode on them. All in all, this is going well. Wonder Woman, although down, certainly isnít out Ė at least not yet.

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