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Astounding Wolf-Man #11

Posted: Monday, December 29, 2008
By: Shawn Hill

Robert Kirkman
Jason Howard
Image Comics
"Versus Invincible"

Plot: Everyone is on Wolf-Man's case this month, including the Pentagon, a super-team, and his own daughter. Luckily he's made a new friend in Invincible.

Comments: No, you haven't missed an issue. Well, you have, but it took place in another title. This is part two of a crossover with Invincible, so you'll know more than I do if you read both. Me, I've been seeing Invincible pop up all over the place lately, as Image seems to have a newfound commitment to inter-title continuity. I'm all for that, as I'd love for Image to enter a new golden age, and with talents like Kirkman in their stable, they're well-poised to do so.

The nice thing about Invincible is, well, his name is literal. In this world, he's just about the strongest there is. So it's great luck for Gary that Invincible believes him innocent of his wife's murder (which is something even Gary's daughter is confused about). There are worse friends to have than an invulnerable super-strong one who can fly.

The issue opens with Wolf-Man and Invincible versus some gov't zombie robots, who are a great and creepy design module by Jason Howard. They're tough, but not tough enough for our new bromancers, who decide to cut a swathe towards an exit. Then Invincible's own teammates try to engage the dynamic duo, and despite their intriguing power set even the strongest of them has nothing on Invincible.

The meat of the issue isn't all these battles, though. It's Gary checking in on his daughter, knowing he's got to win back her affection and support. The conversation he has on a rooftop outside her bedroom window with a sympathetic protector explains a lot, and shows that he's at least still capable of formulating rational responses no matter how crazy and tragic his world has become.

The end of the issue finds Gary in a holding pattern, but it's one with a plan and with some clear goals ahead. That's a nice spot to be in rounding out the first year of a title which has provided consistent entertainment, always offering a fast pace of action and emotional turmoil.

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