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Wonder Woman #26

Posted: Thursday, December 4, 2008
By: Karyn Pinter

Gail Simone
Aaron Lopresti, Matt Ryan (i), Brad Anderson (c), Travis Lanham (l)
DC Comics
It's the rise of the Olympia and Wonder Woman seems to have met her match in Genocide, a killing machine built by Dr. Morrow. This is just the beginning of the story arc that is supposed to change the world of Wonder Woman. While Wonder Woman gets her butt handed to her by Genocide, Agent Tresser is held by Director Steel for questioning. Tresser makes a break for it, realizing something just isn't right with the situation and now we assume he's horribly tarnished his standing in the Department of Metahuman Affairs. Oh, and there are Greek gods on a spaceship. Make of that what you will, or can.

This volume of Wonder Woman has had a hard time finding its footing, even though it had so much to work with. Wonder Woman had just killed a guy -- that's huge! The beginning was a mess, issues were pushed back, writers and artists would change monthly, the plots seemed to flip flop, and it was hard to say if it was really going to get off the ground.

Then Jodi Picoult came as a blessing in disguise and helped get Wonder Woman's act together. When Jodi left, she gave Gail Simone a fairly solid foundation to build upon, but the story lines are starting to look like a scary game of Jenga . How much longer will it stand? With only 26 issues hitting the stands so far, it feels like the road to success has been a long and bumpy one with many a pit stop for both Wonder Woman and her creative team. They've had a lot of ups and downs, but a big "up" was bringing Etta Candy back -- woo, woo! Don't get me wrong, I love Wonder Woman. She's part of the genetic make up of all women; we're born with her as our hero. But lately DC hasn't been doing her many favors. She's been the Jan Brady of the Big Three. This whole Olympian arc doesn't really seem to be necessary. It's only one issue so far, but it feels like it's going to be dense, like running into a brick wall. Since it's the arc that's supposed to change Wonder Woman, I hope it's going to be good, and I hope DC isn't trying to kill her off or send her away on sabbatical. I don't think I could handle that -- first Batman, then Wonder Woman? That would be a shame, DC. On a good note, the art has never disappointed me and Aaron Lopresti's depiction of Wonder Woman is beautiful, yet she's still tough enough to rip your arm off and beat you with it.

In the end, this whole changing the life of Wonder Woman thing is a big risk for something that's barely two years out. But I say don't give up -- we lived through Amazons Attack!, we can get through this. All of us Wonder Woman fans will just have to wait and see to what extent this life altering will go. Hopefully, it will be in a good direction with sturdy plot structure and witty dialogue.

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