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Thunderbolts #126

Posted: Tuesday, November 18, 2008
By: Bill Frye

Andy Diggle
Roberto De La Torre
Marvel Comics
Editor's Note: Thunderbolts #126 arrives in stores tomorrow, November 19.

Of all the "Secret Invasion" tie-ins I've been reading, Thunderbolts has been among the most fun. Seeing a government sanctioned super villain team tear through Skrulls has been entertaining.

While a storyline is ending, the new creative team of writer Andy Diggle and artist Roberto De La Torre is just beginning.

One fear readers may have is that the transition from Christos Gage to Andy Diggle may cause the end of the "Secret Invasion" storyline to suffer. Yet that is not the case here as the transition between creative teams appears to be seamless. Where one storyline ends, another begins. This issue nicely sets the Thunderbolts into a new direction and seemingly casts them off into their post "Secret Invasion" storyline. Diggle has a firm grasp on both the characters and running plotlines as his writing refers to events in the past.

De La Torre's art is also solid, keeping the look and feel of the book very much in tact. His art creates a great atmosphere in a book about super-villains. The details he puts in each panel often complements Diggle's writing in which there is more going on than what is being said.

Both Diggle and De La Torre do a good job of showing just how dysfunctional the Thunderbolts really are. By the end of this issue, it becomes quite clear everyone holds grudges and hates everyone else, and no one is safe from each other.

If you've been avoiding the Thunderbolts because of "Secret Invasion" or you fear that if you pick it up that you won't know what is going on, go ahead and give this issue a try. This is a good jumping on point for new readers as the team moves out of one phase and into the next.

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