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Captain Action #1

Posted: Thursday, October 30, 2008
By: Karyn Pinter

Fabian Nicieza
Mark Sparacio, James Brown (c), Dave Rothe (l)
Moonstone Books
Back into action -- well, of a sort. The Captain Action of the past has met his untimely end, and who’s stepping up to take his place? His son, who never really wanted the job, so much so that he went as far as to get himself fired from it years ago. But luck isn’t with him and he’s getting a violent shove back into the family business. So what happens when you use the technology of your conquered foe to create a team of super-heroes to protect the earth? Well, apparently those heroes go nuts and start blowing things up. Now, the new, yet reluctant super spy, Captain Action is fighting for every life on earth, and they don’t even know they’re in trouble.

Upgraded from just rubber masks and a laser sword to being able to temporarily take on the appearance and abilities of others, Captain Action is able to dopplegang his way through almost every situation. To me that seemed to be stretching things a bit too far. I know it’s a comic and we’re meant to enjoy the fantasy, but if Captain Action is able to foil everyone’s plans that easily then it’s just no fun.

Action Boy returns, but not as we remember him. That was the biggest “whoa” moment of the comic; didn’t see that coming at all. Although that whole part was a little convoluted. Suddenly Action Boy is back and there’s the mystery of how he got there -- but, huh? Is something is missing from the script? The biggest ‘whoa’ moment is also the biggest WTF of the comic.

The writing wasn’t lacking, but didn’t pop like Captain Action: First Mission, Last Day. In my opinion, it could have been better. The story is great: heroes turned evil by the Red Crawl! Outstanding! Just so much more could have been done with that, and I’m a little disappointed Fabian Nicieza couldn’t rough out a better way to tell the story. The art, as far as I could tell (my PDF wasn’t very clear) was good, but pales in comparison to the art work by Ruben Procopio, artist for First Mission, Last Day. Not saying that Mark Sparacio’s art is an insult to the page -- it’s good, but Ruben Procopio is a tough act to follow.

One more thing: there wasn’t enough of a Captain Action comic in the Captain Action comic. The whole story only runs for ten of thirty-two pages. Maybe that’s the problem with the story; there wasn’t enough room amongst the ads for Captain Action tee shirts, upcoming Moonstone books, and some comic having to do with a character called FANT’MAS and the PHANTOM, both of which take up six pages each. Shouldn’t a Captain Action comic have a little more Captain Action in it? That’s what really bothered me -- the first issue finally fits the shelves and it can barely be called a full issue.

True fans, don’t be deterred. There is still hope for Captain Action, and he’s gotten himself out of plenty of situations much worse than ten pages of a reboot series. You will have to have read the #0 issue that came out at New York Comic Con back in April to make sense of what’s going on in this issue. The unfortunate thing is you can’t find that issue anywhere except online stores like eBay, or (here’s a shout out) look at

Here’s to issue #2 being double the size and twice as good. And a note to Moonstone: on page four, the last panel, right across Captain Action’s head, it says “sample text.” It’s in the print version too.

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