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Greatest Hits #2

Posted: Friday, October 17, 2008
By: Troy Stith

David Tischman
Glenn Fabry, Tan Ya & Richard Horie (c)
Vertigo / DC
Plot: Picking up where issue #1 left off, the Mates continue on their road of success as super-heroes, soon ending up in the inner circle of the super-hero elite. While the Mates try to take in their new surroundings, the story once again transitions to Nick Mansfieldís torn life. Caught in the middle of his own life altering choice, Nick struggles with his inner demons about his past and whether or not to take Ethel Rothstein up on her offer. The web of connections continues to grow as the story unfolds, taking it closer to the Beatle-esque feel it already has.

Comments: Greatest Hits has already captured me in itís grasp. Iíll go ahead and admit that now. The creative idea of taking the Beatles and revamping them into super-heroes is bloody brilliant (ok, enough of that). That being said, hereís what I thought about this issue. Warning: there may be a few spoilers in here, but I tried to keep it as spoil free as possible

Glen Fabryís art maintains its perfect feel for the story. Once again carrying it on, even without dialogue, which in turn emits a feeling that makes you think you really are watching a film on the blokes. His splash page details never cease to amaze me; itís like looking at a Whereís Waldo book, trying to take in everything going on in the scene.

Although, donít take my praise of Fabryís art as a lack in the dialogue department. Tischmanís dialogue continues to capture the era and feeling of the situation, twisting the relationships of the story, while taking it in new directions. Even though Nickís story started off a bit sluggish in the first issue, it has picked up and finally taken on its own identity, revealing just how deep his connection is to the Mates.

As I mentioned above, the Beatle-esque feel of the story continues on as you learn of the relationships between the Mates. Golem, the Pete Best of the Mates, suffers through his depression by drinking off his woes until his fate is decided. While on the comical side, the bathroom scene in this issue had me laughing out loud as to how casually rockíníroll it was.

Overall, Iíll continue to buy this series. Iím actually looking forward to seeing what happens next. I can only hope the art and storyline continue to carry on the way they have thus far. If you arenít already reading this book, I suggest going out and starting now instead of catching up. Vertigo made a smart choice in picking up these super-heroes.

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