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Simpsons Comics #146

Posted: Saturday, September 20, 2008
By: Ray Tate

Eric Rogers
Phil Ortiz, Mike DeCarlo (i), Art Villanueva (c)
Bongo Comics
"A Skate with Destiny"

Marge takes Lisa for a Skate in the park, and Snake practices his miming. The two events can lead to only one thing. Mime perpetrated robbery and wheel-powered intervention.

Marge's stunt skating, inadvertently running an interesting obstacle course formed by the denizens of Springfield, attracts the attention of the owner of the town's own roller girls. She reluctantly accepts the offer to please her daughter and reveals a previously undisclosed love of the sport, inspired by former roller derby star Mary Tyler Maul.

There are more bad puns like that to be found in Rogers story, but gut busting humor I don't believe is the object of this latest issue of Simpsons Comics. A few comedic moments stand out, such as when Rogers takes advantage of Marge's jealousy toward Lurleen Lumpkin, but Rogers, for the most part, plays it straight. The author is more concerned with highlighting Marge and drawing warmth from her relationship with Lisa.

Phil Ortiz and company bring out some spry gymnastic moves for Marge's journey on wheels, and the slapstick violence is given a more realistic nuance that fits the verisimilitude of the series. Art Villanueva's colors increase the attractiveness of the book, and his candy coats sign the book off as a Simpsons product, even if the story isn't dependent on the typical surreal Simpsons-style humor.

The Roller Derby setting is a novel one, and the art team takes full advantage of what that arena allows. Eric Rogers keeps Marge in character while she expands her horizons for the love of her daughter. It's a sweet tale without being schmaltzy.

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