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Lone Ranger #12

Posted: Saturday, August 16, 2008
By: Ray Tate

Brett Matthews
Sergio Cariello, Marcello Pinto & Impacto Studios (colors)
Dynamite Entertainment
What? They're still publishing The Lone Ranger? I mean, it was on its way to tying All-Star Superman for occasional publishing. Unlike its rival, I can't say the wait was worth it.

The Lone Ranger is too slow on the draw. I mean after all this waiting, I was hoping for some action other than meaningful discussion with Cavendish's henchman, the widowed hottie and John Reid's nephew.

For what it's worth, the Sheriff is starting to look at the Ranger as a solution to the problems facing the West. Jurisdiction is a big one, especially given the distances and the related time it takes a Marshall to reach one of the towns under his aegis.

Tonto gets very little to do this issue, but everybody's wandering around pondering things as if this were some comic book version of an Ingmar Bergman film.

Less David Mamet, more Sergio Leone is my advice.

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