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Buckaroo Banzai: The Prequel #1

Posted: Saturday, August 16, 2008
By: Ray Tate

Mac Rauch, W.D. Richter
Chew Chan, Ken Wolak (colors)
This is a decent prequel to the legendary Buckaroo Banzai. We get to see some old friends and Penny Priddy's twin sister Peggy, Buck's fiancée. The artwork by Chan is solid but the inking could use a little more subtlety.

Surprisingly, my main caveat is lodged at the writing. The choice to give Buckaroo a lookalike that roams the country singing while Buck finishes his work on the oscillation overthruster takes away some of the magic from the original.

It's not realistic for one man to be able to do so many things in so little time, but that was part of the cult appeal to Buckaroo Banzai. He was an updated Doc Savage with a guitar. We fans could believe that this man was capable of performing major surgery, traveling through the dimensions and singing "Since I Don't Have You."

The story pits Buckaroo against Hanoi Xan. This name will be familiar to anybody who watched the deleted scenes on the Buckaroo Banzai DVD. Xan is responsible for killing Peggy Priddy and murdering his father. He is Shiwan Khan to Buck's Shadow.

The mimicry of dialogue, as if delivered by Peter Weller, Clancy Brown and the rest of the Hong Kong Cavaliers, is the best thing about the book. A rapid pace adds to its worth, and although I question the inclusion of duplicate Wilbur, the scenes in which he and Buck interact are fun to read.

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