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Crossed #0

Posted: Thursday, August 7, 2008
By: Matthew McLean

Garth Ennis
Jacen Burrows
Avatar Press
Crossed, to judge by this $1.00 prologue issue, is a zombie tale in the same vein as 28 Days Later. The zombies aren't undead, but mindless violence machines that pass on their disease at an incredible infection rate, via the classic bite vector, to whoever they don't butcher first.

And that's about all you get from this issue. There's a brief introduction to some of the characters, but very little characterization outside of stunned horror. The book's premise and even, in some ways, this brief opening, will give readers nothing that they haven't seen before. Ennis does use his penchant for ultra-violence to ratchet up the horrible things that the infected do to people, but it doesn't add anything very interesting. It also hits so hard and so fast that this reviewer was left with a rather ambivalent, "Well, they're all doomed," feeling.

As much as I enjoy a short read at a reduced price Crossed just doesn't offer up enough of a hook to make this story stand out from the zombie/berserker/infected crowd. Pass on it and wait for #1.

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