X-23 #15

A comic review article by: Sara McDonald
X-23 #15 delivers another fast-paced, entertaining read with the third part of the "Chaos Theory" arc. Picking up from where issue #14 left off, it opens with Sue Storm, Spider-Man and X-23 stranded in an alien world. We quickly learn, however, that things are far from what they seem, in a comic full of enough twists to keep you guessing up to the last page.

Sue, X-23, and Spider-Man discover they aren't on an alien world at all, but have been brought to speak with the Enigma Force. The Enigma Force was once a prince who fought the King of the Whirldemons, and he warns them that the demon king is now in their world and is desperate to open a portal to his own people. They then find themselves back at the Future Foundation and facing the king himself, as he threatens both the world as a whole and people who are dear to the FF themselves.

This issue felt like an important point in Laura's character development, as we saw how much she's evolved and grown past the assassin she was and into the superhero she wants to become. She's willing to risk herself to try to save Sue, and she faces the whirldemon without flinching, refusing to give up. X-23 shows both her physical and emotional strength, demonstrating what makes Liu so good at crafting fully-developed characters. After all the talk about women in comics around the internet, it's refreshing to be reminded what women in comics can be when they're allowed to have real strength.

X-23 continues to be a well written, engaging book, and one that leaves me anticipating the next issue with every cliffhanger.

Sara McDonald started reading comics in the third grade, and now puts her English degree to good use talking about them on the Internet. She currently resides in Western Massachusetts with a roommate, three cats, and an action figure collection and spends the time she isn’t reading comics working for a non-profit. You can visit her blog at Ms. Snarky’s Awesometastic Comics Blog.

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