Captain America & Bucky #622

A comic review article by: Sara McDonald
Captain American & Bucky #622 is what a superhero comic should be. It has good writing, spot-on characterization and great art from Chris Samnee.

This issue focuses on Bucky Barnes feeling like the odd man out with the Invaders during WWII. He's not a super soldier like Captain America, nor does he have super powers like the Human Torch and Toro. As Bucky puts it in his narration, "I was just a kid in a domino mask." When the other Invaders are captured in a trap Bucky wasn't able to prevent, he sets out to rescue his teammates and prove himself despite his lack of superpowers.

On his own, Bucky has to rely on his own wits and abilities to track down his teammates and fight the Ubermensch, a super soldier of sorts, created from all the powers of the Invaders. What keeps Bucky from being taken prisoner with the other Invaders is also what allows him to ultimately be able to stand up to the Ubermensch and help save the others -- his strength that goes beyond any superpowers.

As for the comic's art, Chris Samnee delivers more great work in his distinctive style. He manages to capture both the pulp feel of the WWII-era subject matter, while keeping it grounded in the darker tones of modern-day comic books.

Ultimately, Captain America & Bucky #622 tells not merely a good superhero story, but a good hero story. Bucky is able to succeed in his mission based not on powers he was given, but an inner strength he's cultivated. For any faults the character has, he's also someone the reader can identify with as he works to do what's right in the best way he can. The comic succeeds in taking the reader on an adventure alongside a hero, with characters that are both larger than life and someone you can relate to at the same time.

For anyone looking for both a visual treat and a strong story that can remind you of everything that can be great in "capes" comics, this is a book worth picking up.

Sara McDonald started reading comics in the third grade, and now puts her English degree to good use talking about them on the Internet. She currently resides in Western Massachusetts with a roommate, three cats, and an action figure collection and spends the time she isn’t reading comics working for a non-profit. You can visit her blog at Ms. Snarky’s Awesometastic Comics Blog.

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