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Project Superpowers #4

Posted: Saturday, June 28, 2008
By: Ray Tate

Alex Ross & Jim Krueger
Carlos Paul, Debora Carita (c)
Dynamite Entertainment
Green Lama has exposed the Dynamic Man Family as automatons. Their iron rule now threatened, the Dynamics look to subterfuge to protect their empire. It doesn't look good for them, and their hilarious reactions to each outmaneuvering only adds to the feeling of imminent liberation.

Dynamic Man toasted Shangri-La, so Green Lama takes over their city, which he infested with greenery. The Dynamic Family "bugged" the Black Terror. The Lama makes that surveillance useless in an inventive, witty raspberry to the Dynamics.

Meanwhile the Scarab educates Samson on the horrors of war. This scene is extremely repellent and powerful given Bush's war in Iraq and the callous treatment of soldiers. I can see another Right Wing Nut in the future taking advantage of our technological advances in prosthetics to just push victims back in the front line with their new parts. The ingenious use of the Frankenstein Monster in the story does not seem that far-fetched. Samson's reaction to the whole scheme is pretty awesome by the way.

Artists Carlos Paul and Debora Carita have a way with violence. They can make it indignant in the case of Samson or funny when Dynamic Man blows his cool. They create an exciting, fiery moment from the Devil's memories and thrills when Hydro, Pyroman and the Flame take down a faceless police state. Paul and Carita also show a knack for quieter scenes, such as those revealing Justine's growing attraction to the Devil and the priceless reaction when Hydro and the Flame are asked a particular question.

Project Superpowers allows the interactions between the heroes and the villains to forge the story. That's a good way to go given the richness of the cast.

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