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Trinity #4

Posted: Thursday, June 26, 2008
By: Jim Beard

Kurt Busiek, Fabian Nicieza
Mark Bagley, Art Thibert, Mike Norton, Jerry Ordway
DC Comics
Developments, developments – always good for a story, eh?

Godhead: Our trinity each do what they're best at and we learn a bit more about their alien adversaries, Konvikt and Graak, including their mode of transportation. Meanwhile, the Tarotologist Marguerita gets a glimpse of a much, much larger world, one that involves Despero and Kanjar Ro.

The Sacred: Busiek ups the ante of Trinity by getting into the actual roles of our three heroes and explaining them. One of the more interesting facets of this is seeing Batman in particular through the eyes of Morgaine and Enigma. Her Haughtiness seems to despise Batman whereas Mr. Mystery appears to respect the Dark Knight – in a way. I think this is a wonderful take and serves to provide information in a less than clichéd fashion. Also, for some reason I've begun to think of Enigma as a Bruce Wayne from another Earth. Wouldn't that be a hoot? Look at his line, "if it had been me…"

There's a bit of prickliness I'm sensing between Superman and Wonder Woman this issue, and I'm hoping it's an avenue the book will explore. Clark and Bruce's personal relationship isn't the stuff of legendary friendships, of course, but Clark and Diana have almost always been close. To see a possible rift, one based on a competition of strength or capacity to control a situation, say, could make for very interesting reading. It's just barely there, I'll admit, but anything that can make Superman say "damn" has got to mean something he's not just going to let lay there. Diana, too.

In all, I'm glad the focus swung back to the trinity this issue. I feel very confident that Busiek can say something to us about these heroes that we've never directly pondered before.

The Secular: Tarot, Marguerite, still is doing next to nothing for me. She comes off as just another youngster that blows with the wind, or "destiny" in this case. I'm sure that her story will take off soon, but for now I'm relegating her to that "wait and see" room of Purgatory. She, like her gang friends, is too close to stereotypes – and I don't mean racially. I mean character-wise.

The Profane: As much as I really got down with Batman flitting off on his own and backtracking Konvikt's trail to their downed escape pod, I take up the argument that he would not be so apparently blasé about not anticipating problems. If there's anything that's been hammered into us over the past several years it's that Batman always anticipates problems. I just don't buy that scene – unless he's baiting Graak. Add in that he calls Superman "Kent" over the communicator – how can he be 100% sure it's secure? – and the entire otherwise-cool set-up of the action gets a black eye.

Superman Ascending: Supes gets the thumbs-up from me this issue for his wake-up scene and his dealing with Konvikt. Again, he rushes into the breach and things don't always go well – he believes he's a superman and a superman never rests. It's a fascinating character, well, flaw, I guess, that Busiek is exploiting. Couple this with his assumed unhappiness with the way Diana is handling things, and Superman's a character to keep an eye on here.

Wonder Woman Ascending: I liked Diana's quick injection of hope and courage to the crowd in the burning building. Even Superman would be hard-pressed to come across as that inspiring in a tense situation. Her willingness to jump into the fray with Konvikt when she just saw Clark knocked on her ass is also a plus, I think. She is definitely a wondrous woman. Here's hoping Superman doesn't come down too hard on her – and that her arguments are as solid as her right cross.

Batman Ascending: I'm giving Bruce the benefit of the doubt this time and complimenting him on leaving the brouhaha to the powerhouses and doing what he does best – manhunting. Alienhunting. Whatever. Whether or not he's being cocky like Clark or baiting Graak, the end results should be stimulating. Can't wait to see next week's installment!

Scripture: "Only vermin bargain!" Oh, the joys of over-the-top dialogue between two battling aliens. I also want to point out Batman's monologue of the escape pod's capabilities as juicy words to roll over your tongue – or read aloud to your spouse or significant other.

Monsignor Wanty: prays for Tarot to get her hands dirty, Joes Delgado to suit up once again (though I hate that helmet he's holding), an explanation of Konvikt's pummeling of Superman, a Superman-Wonder Woman squabble – and even more coolness! Go Trinity!

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