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Supernatural: Rising Son #2

Posted: Monday, June 2, 2008
By: Marx Pyle

Peter Johnson & Rebecca Dessertine
Diego Olmos
Wildstorm / DC
"We're not like the rest of them, Sam. Sooner you realize it, the better. We're freaks." -- Dean

After barely surviving a stop in a town of Succubi, John decides to try something new; settle down with his sons, Dean and Sam. So, John gets a job and sends his kids to school. Sam is having a ball, but Dean can't stand it. At school, Sam gets extra attention from his teacher Ms. Lyle.

John's hunting instincts kick in when an elderly woman, who is never late with her mortgage payments, hasn't paid her bill. John kicks in the door and runs into a possessed elderly woman that looks like a demonite from Army of Darkness. But fear not, John gets the upper hand.

Things start looking good as John and Ms. Lyle hook up. Dean is the only Winchester not liking this slice of the American dream. Dean reveals to John that he believes that Lyle ain't all human when she takes off to a science fair with Sam. John rushes to find his son and runs up against...well...some kind of demonic train golem thing...oh hell, I'll just call it a demonically possessed Transformer (I smell crossover).

I had a hard time reading the previous Supernatural mini-series, Origins because of the art. Luckily, this mini-series has great art courtesy of Olmos. The people look like people and the whole thing is just more brutal. Thankfully, there is more violence, sexiness, and scary looking creatures.

This mini-series may be a little harder to get into if you haven't read Origins or watched the TV series. But I'm digging seeing these early days of the Winchester family. John was always this almost iconic figure and it is cool to see him in action. Unlike in the television show, we get to hear John's internal dialogue, which makes this usually larger-than-life character seem a little more human. The ending in this issue gave us a good cliffhanger with a beast that the actual TV show could probably never have due to budget constraints.

Final Word: A hell of an improvement over the last mini-series and a bloody good book that is a must for any fan of the TV show or supernatural genre reader looking for something new.

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