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Madame Mirage #6

Posted: Saturday, May 24, 2008
By: Ray Tate

Paul Dini
Kenneth Rocafort, Imaginary Friends Studios (c)
Image Comics
When last we left Madame Mirage Harper, the brain behind the illusion, had been felled, and it looks like her ploys against ASI may have been leading to "the day that evil won." Dini pulls Harper's non-fat out of the frying pan, but he does so in a plausible way.

Once again, the villainous motive of greed and thirst for power saves the life of the hero. Because they want Harper's tech, she's believably kept alive. Thus, what we have here is a group of really intelligent villains that do incredibly stupid things because of the flaws in their characters.

Harper extracts herself from harm, and now helpfully placed exactly where she wants to be, read the villains' lair, she readies herself for the big showdown. Dini and Rocafort do not disappoint.

Dini takes a classic plot of vengeance and spiffies it up with convincingly delivered dialogue, coldly delivered bloody retribution and a fine sense of sublime wit. This series could not be without Kenneth Rocafort. His French-influenced artwork creates grace even in bloodshed and understated amusement in the faces of his characters even when contending against life or death situations.

Both the technique of Dini and Rocafort as well as a heaping help of pastel colors from Imaginary Friends make Madame Mirage a unique experience in the super-hero genre.

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