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Marvel Adventures Hulk #11

Posted: Saturday, May 17, 2008
By: Ray Tate

Paul Benjamin
Steve Scott, Nathan Massengill (i), Sotocolor's Street (c
Marvel Comics
"Last Monster Standing"

Marvel Adventures Hulk demonstrates a perfect blending between art and writing. The story can be seen in the art. You do not have to read Paul Benjamin's words to get the gist of the tale, but Benjamin's dialogue for each scene is worth reading.

The plot is simple. Bruce Banner, Rick and monkey visit the FF to discuss the progress in finding a cure for Banner's affliction -- namely the Hulk.

Scott's Thing neatly runs the gamut through the emotions. Ben's crestfallen look as he spots Banner, Rick and monkey in the Baxter Building lobby is priceless. When our heroes are attacked by robots, Scott pulls out all the stops for a massive action-filled battle that facilitates a misunderstanding leading to a Thing vs. Hulk bout.

This is where the dialogue distinguishes the melee from others that test the mettle of these two combatants. The Thing's dialogue indicates a lousy day getting worse by the second. The Hulk's dialogue neatly voices his confusion.

When the Hulk witnesses Ben's selfless act on Rick's behalf, the confusion becomes alleviated, and Hulk quickly catches up on who's who. Scott's team-up of the Hulk and the Thing is just as impressive as their rivalry. This is almost Kirbyesque in scope; with big bruisers just wailing on groups of badly programmed robots.

Benjamin compliments Scott's kinetics with speech that highlights the changes in allegiance. The wording furthermore gives Hulk more depth through a sense of humor while still characterizing him as a somewhat slow-thinker. Kudos also goes to Dave Sharpe for his bold-face accent.

Just when you think the book can't get any better, a superb guest-star in witty form drops by. This is the most fun I've had reading Marvel Adventures Hulk since Dormammu possessed monkey.

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