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Marvel Adventures Spider-Man #39

Posted: Friday, May 9, 2008
By: Ray Tate

Marc Sumerak
Ayan Stegman, Guu eFX (c)
Marvel Comics
"Model Student"

Spidey tries to protect an exchange student from the Fantastic Four. Are they Skrulls? Are they under the influence of Comic Book Cliche 102, also known as mind-control? None of the above.

The interaction between the FF and Spidey tends fun and frolic. Stegman's Spider-Man, Sue, Ben and Johnny are illustrated with an eye for realism, distinctive body language and in the case of the trio, raw power. I wasn't too keen on Stegman's Reed Richards. He's a little too man-gooey.

Sumerak unfortunately gives the game away on page one. By doing this he unintentionally inflates the wait for Spidey to learn the truth about, clue number two, Kristoff.

The plot is somewhat similar to a classic Simpsons episode. When Bart commits a heinous prank against Principal Skinner, Skinner suggests "deportation:" i.e. the student exchange program. Bart goes to France, and the Simpsons end up with a Balkan child spy called the Sparrow. Same tune, different dance.

The punchline to the story doesn't work. The villain cannot be this stupid, and I can't understand why he would feel paternal toward this character. What's more, the villain of the piece knows Reed Richards. He therefore would not waste his time listening to idle prattle.

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