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Madman Atomic Comics #8

Posted: Friday, May 9, 2008
By: Ray Tate

Mike Allred & J.L. Allred
Nick Dragota, Mike Allred, Laura Allred (c)
Image Comics

In the first story, Frank takes his wife Luna Joe -- Joe and It Girl merged -- to a movie called Cool Cat. Instead, the story so far unravels before Frank's eyes.

Well, since the first tale essentially covers the same ground as previous issues of the comic book, I understood the tale. Was it necessary? No. Pretty though, especially when the Allreds illustrate the beautiful Joe in a poignant scene.

The second story is wow -- what was that, exactly? In the story's favor, the art, despite being laid out by Nick Dragota, still looks distinctly Allred, and there are several good lines in the dialogue: Luna Joe for instance taking the wind out of Professor Flem's long-winded rationale.

The writing seems almost straight forward, with respect to the Madman universe. Frank becomes curious about coin collecting and he accidentally picks up a penny that's made of a highly unstable element.

The instability of the penny however creates chaos. Some would call it creative. I call it anarchy. A talking cat is probably the least outre thing that happens in the story. Congratulations Madman, you've baffled me again. Bonus points for the Looney Tunes homage with a very inappropriate eye.

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