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Goon #22

Posted: Saturday, April 5, 2008
By: Bruce Logan

Eric Powell
Eric Powell, Dave Stewart (colors)
Dark Horse Comics
Exclamation: "A shaven squirrel is much more aerodynamic, especially when greased up!"

Explanation: Take a turn for the serious as the entry of the (new?) big villain brings about the death of one of Goon's supporting characters. As for who this person is, well, the "question mark" with the new (in the opening sentence) is rather appropriate because if it is indeed the person whom Goon saw then this person isn't a newcomer to the Goon mythos. He is in fact the very person who got Goon started on his life as a, well, goon.

Examination: The Goon is well and truly back. After a bit of a hitch in issue #20, the lastest issues of Eric Powell's masterpiece have not only gotten the series back on track but have done so in style. Even though they are parts of a larger arc, each individual issue can be read and enjoyed on its own, something I can't say for a sizable number of stories by the Big Name writers of the Big Two comic publishers.

Before the actual issue hit the stands a few preview pages were released on the Internet. Along with showing the entry of the (new?) character talked about in the last issue, it also hinted at bad things for the old gypsy. Well, all that does come to pass and this sees the death of the old woman. It's already clear that her death is going to affect a lot of people, including Goon. Her son's thirst for revenge gets kicked off as a subplot which may or may not tie into the larger one, that of the new villain. As for the (new) villain, he could very well be a previously seen character returned from the dead. Even though we are shown evidence to the contrary, this could very well be the same guy. Then again, the new guy could just as well be someone who knows about Goon's past as is just the facsimile of one of Goon's most hated foes to needle our hero, to unnerve him if you will.

As for the revelation towards the end of the issue, it might mean something important, implying the voluntary or unsuspecting participation by another (semi-)regular supporting character or it just could be a chance happening. My vote is on the former and that too on voluntary involvement, especially in light of issue #20.

I realize that most of the points I touched upon have an "either/or" situation. Blame that on Powell and his ability to throw in new and unexpected twists to the story and to do so with such ease that (in hindsight) it would appear as the most natural thing.

One more issue Goon means one more month of excellent, polished yet street, comedic yet serious Eric Powell brilliance. And thanks to Dave Stewart's amazing colors the final product of this issue--just like the ones before it--is visual art worth experiencing. The proof is really in the pudding.

Proclamation: Yet another Goon mystery gets on its way.

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