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Clandestine #3

Posted: Friday, April 4, 2008
By: Ray Tate

Alan Davis
Alan Davis, Mark Farmer (i), Paul Mounts (c)
Marvel Comics
"We're from an earth too. From which earth did you originate -- The Number."--Captain Britain.

"They have numbers?"--Dominic Destine

With the guest-appearance of classic Excalibur, Clandestine improves immensely. For the first two issues, the family was merely playing off of each other, and Davis hasn't yet developed a fine enough ear when it comes to editing his own dialogue for his own characters.

When Excalibur comes on the scene, the dialogue is terser and it's more interactive with Dominic. Kitty sounds a little off. She's suitably portrayed as brilliant, but occasionally she sounds a little alien, rather than human.

After the usual fisticuffs of misunderstanding, Dominic convinces Excalibur that he's one of the good guys. This leads to a cross time mini-adventure with Dominic being a kind of retroactive guest star in a lost issue of Excalibur.

Meanwhile, Rory and Pandora make their way to the party attended by Sam and Kay. While Rory and Pandora are as always a delight to listen to -- they sound like very astute kids -- Kay's and Sam's speech is mostly dismissible. In their case, the plot and the vibrant visuals are what interests.

Giving Alan Davis, Mark Farmer and Paul Mounts a costume party is like giving a monkey the access to a banana lever. In addition, the plot twists in a most unexpected fashion. I actually forgot that the Marvel Universe has those things.

Sumptuous artwork, decent to good writing and some familiar faces make this issue of Clandestine one of the better ones.

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