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Evil Dead #3

Posted: Saturday, March 22, 2008
By: Bruce Logan

Mark Verheiden
John Bolton
Dark Horse Comics
Exclamation: ďíTis the time to break the chainsaw out!!Ē

Explanation: One more issue, two more deaths and one of the dead already possessed by demonic forces Ė that is the gist of this third installment of the four part Evil Dead mini. As before there is a sizable amount of internal monologue courtesy of Ash.

Examination: Itís a good thing that I havenít seen the Evil Dead movies, either the one this mini is about or any of the sequels. Good because I am not sure that had I done so if I would be reacting the way I am to this story, enjoying it this much.

At its core, the core concept behind Evil Dead isnít all that deep or even all that original. Think of it as Pandoraís Box limited to a small cabin and its immediate surroundings. In place of the Pandoraí Box we have the Necronomicon. The playing of the cassette (containing excepts/chants from the book) is equivalent to the Pandoraís flipping the lid on the chest containing all those 'goodiesí. However, instead of escaping to the far corners of the world, the evils let out by Ashe and buddies stay close to the cabin turning on its residents. Maybe they are tied to the book somehow, requiring them to stay close to it. Veteran Evil Dead fans will be able to provide a better explanation to that query. Nevertheless, itís not a big enough point of contention so as to be a problem for even a newbie like me from enjoying the story that this mini tells.

As for this issue, given the point where the previous issue left off at this installment was bound to ratchet up the demonic participation, add a few more dollops of blood and what not, and that is exactly what it does. Moreover, given the slasher genre look forward to more of the same next issue, although the next time around it will be even more personal for Ash, if only because of nobody else remaining alive.

There isnít much (new) left for me to say about John Boltonís artwork and that I havenít said in my reviews of the previous two issues. Itís painted, its expressive, heck its scary expressive. Itís definitely not for the younger or faint of heart audience, then again neither is the story itself.

Proclamation: With one more issue to go and even though I am not closer to (wanting to) watch the movie itís based on I am looking forward to the last issue of the Evil Dead comic series.

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