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Nexus #100

Posted: Monday, March 3, 2008
By: Ray Tate

Mike Baron
Steve Rude, Gary Martin, Al Milgrom (i), Glenn Whitmore (c)
Rude Dude Productions
"Space Opera" (2 of 4)

Okay. You expect Steve Rudeís artwork to be exquisite. So there are really no surprises from that front. The history of Nexus is informative, even for a regular Nexus reader. Rude painting the Sundra Peale backup tale is definitely rare and worthy of admiration, yet thereís just not enough Nexus in the story for me.

The tale is really about civil war erupting on Ylum, and this is a genuine civil war not one of the fake little catchphrases that Marvel uses. The Elvonics are loosely based on the Serb marauders of Kosovo. They are the ones who initiated a scorched earth policy that included the raping of women. However, they did not have a religious bend. The Elvonics are more cult-like.

The Elvonics stir up trouble on Ylum, which Nexus saw as a paradise for refugees he gathered during his crusade against evil. Nexus is in the background most of the time and not really proactive. The real star of this issue of Nexus is Tyrone, the President of Ylum and Vooper, the one time Perot caricature that has slowly morphed into the more timeless Slim Pickens. I like both characters, but Iím in this for Nexus, Sundra and Jil.

The back up story may disturb some democrats because this is a tale of Sundra Pealeís youth and how she made her decision to become an intelligent operative for Ursula. Rude and Baron create some Spitting Images of Hilary Clinton and Ted Kennedy, and Baron resuscitates the odd Republican myth that Clinton is actually a lesbian. So, what? She built Chelsea out of a kit? I am a Democrat, and I respect Hilary Clinton and Ted Kennedy for what good they have done, but I like any political gag thatís funny, and this is funny. The story is also more focused on the star of the book, and thatís why the back up is actually superior to the main feature.

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