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Loaded Bible #3

Posted: Monday, March 3, 2008
By: Marx Pyle

Tim Seeley
Norton & Johnson, Glendenning (i), Kaercher & Baker (c)
Image Comics
“This is my body. This is my blood. Not yours.” - Jesus

What happens when you mix hot button topics like religion, politics, and cloning with vampires and a bleak post-apocalyptic future? Yup, it could only be Tim Seeley’s Loaded Bible.

I remember when I first heard about the concept of Loaded Bible. I thought it sounded kinda dumb and reminded me of the b-movie martial art musical (which I haven’t gotten around to watching) called Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter. I actually felt like it sounded insulting to Christians. With this kind of concept it could only be really good or really awful.

Well, I checked out the first one, then the second and now I’m back again for this third installment that wraps up Book One of the Loaded Bible saga. There is just something about this odd, “loaded” world that Seeley has created, that has me hooked. It has layers upon layers of depth with Jesus, the vampire assassin Sistine Centuria, the army of Jesus clones, the corrupt Church, the New Dawn rebels and the vampire factions.

The concept sounds silly, but Seeley takes it seriously. He writes an intriguing story dealing with touchy topics in an exciting and sometimes humorous way. Oddly enough, he really gets the “voice” of Jesus down and the inner turmoil of figuring out who he is now that he knows he isn’t the real Jesus Christ. Seeley also does some great commentary on Christianity and how it can be misused. I like the little gags in the book, like the wine comment and the “halo” over Jesus’ head near the end of the book.

There has been some great plot and character development over the three issues. We have seen Jesus go through a major change in his view of himself and the world. We have seen how truly cold the Church has become. Now we are building up to a serious all-out war for Book Two.

My only complaint is that the whole thing feels so rushed. I wish there could be more time to explore characters like Sistine, some of the other vampires and the New Dawn crew. If only there was more time to explore this rich world that Seeley has created.

The art is solid and I feel it is an improvement over the last issue.

Okay, so this series won’t win over some Christians. But I feel that is done in a tasteful way (sort of) and is a uniquely entertaining series. Okay, it’s a story with cursing, partial nudity and gory violence with Jesus (actually his clone) as the main character, but somehow Seeley pulls it off. I'm looking forward to what surprises Seeley has in store for us in Book Two.

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