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Blue Beetle #24

Posted: Monday, March 3, 2008
By: Jon Judy

John Rogers
Rafael Albuquerque
DC Comics
“Endgame Part Three: Outside In”

As we near the end of what has been a tremendously fun and underrated storyline, I have found myself reading some of my old reviews of Blue Beetle in an effort to reach a sort of assessment of a book I’ve liked a lot.

Hey, I spend a lot of time morosely dwelling on the past and on the people and things I miss. It’s kind of my thing.

In a review of issue #18, I wrote that “this book is at its best when […] the focus is on Jamie and his family and friends.”

And in a review of Blue Beetle #20, I wrote “If you haven’t been reading Blue Beetle, don’t start here; it’s a waste of a good ending.”

Ah, how prophetic that last statement seems now that this arc is drawing to a close. Those words echo exactly my sentiments for #24, a terrific, action-packed climax to the entire series thus far that ends on a hell of a cliffhanger and a stunner of a final splash. This is what a splash page should be – not a panel-less page just to do it, but rather to emphasize a shocking or emotional moment. You turn to the last page of this issue and – BAM! – there’s a splash.

What makes this ending even better is how it has grown organically from subplots Beetle readers have been enjoying for two years now, and how it focuses on the aforementioned supporting cast. It isn’t just Jamie who is in danger here, it’s his friends, his family, and even his reluctant allies.

But don’t even bother picking this one up if you haven’t been reading the book up until now – its greatness will be lost on you. Instead count yourself lucky to live in the era of back issue boxes and trades. You’ve got a second chance to experience a first-rate book.

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